Italian is certainly a very expressive language. If you’ve been to Italy you may have noticed that we use our hands a lot when we talk (hard not to notice). And you may have thought we’re crazy moving so much with all that heat.

Well, what you may not know is that Italians have their own very special hand gesture language. What’s the reason behind it? Looking at Italy today, you’ll think of it as a unified country. But it’s not always been the case.
Before the unification, Italy was made of lots of different states and kingdoms with their own languages and traditions. Hence the need for a more universal language.
Today, gestures are passed along from generation to generation of Italians, together with dialects, traditions, and unmeasurable love for pasta ;).

There are so many Italian hand gestures…
Please note it’s not just a matter of hands. All facial muscles are also involved. So make sure to check my facial expressions when you practice!