The latest news on the current coronavirus situation in Italy and how measures taken by the Italian authorities may affect you.
Italy’s death toll, the worst globally, topped 16,500 on Monday.

Another 3,599 cases were also confirmed in Italy on Monday, the Civil Protection department announced, more than 700 fewer than in the 24 hours before when the country reported 4,316 new cases.
Italy has now confirmed a total of 132,547 cases, 16,523 of them fatal. Another 636 coronavirus patients died in the past 24 hours, an increase from the day before when the death toll hit a two-week low of 525.
Italy’s coronavirus curve has reached a plateau – but lockdown measures are still needed. The world is watching closely for evidence that Italy’s coronavirus quarantine measures have been enough to contain the spread.

Some Italian regions, including Lombardy, have introduced rules requiring people to cover their faces while shopping or even anytime they’re outside.
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed on April 1st that the lockdown that has been in place since early March will be extended until April 13th.

Italy has shut all stores except for pharmacies and food shops and closed down all but the most essential businesses, and travel between different towns is banned except for work or in emergency situations.