Italy’s New High-Speed Train for just €65

Trenitalia is to introduce the first direct high-speed train link between the capitals of Umbria and Lombardy, the rail company confirmed this week.

Focaccia Barese: A recipe from a 97-Year-Old Italian Nonna

From Bari with love: Grandma's recipe for traditional focaccia. A wonderful gift – and a way to stay together. Even from a distance.

Italy ‘Sleeping’ Volcano: Earthquake could trigger BIBLICAL eruption

THE catastrophic earthquake that devastated Italy in 2016 could unleash a dormant super-volcano near Rome with the power to cause widespread destruction.

Prosecco Hills in Italy declared World Heritage Site

Italy’s Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, north-east of Venice, were on Sunday declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Old Couple with Coronavirus says Goodbye in hospital. Heartbreaking VIDEO

A heartbreaking video of an elderly couple with coronavirus saying goodbye to each other in hospital is going viral on the internet.

Snow has Fallen in The Dolomites in Italy

Snowfall started over western and northwestern Alps on Sunday evening at about 2500 meters, dropping to below 1500 meters by Wensday morning.

Leonardo DiCaprio donates $15 Million to Protect Animals & The Planet

Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that he will donate $ 15.6 million to environmental protection and conservation programs aimed at combating climate change.

Top 8 Things about Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish steps are one of Rome's most popular tourist sites and attractions. But how much do you know about the famous landmark?

Nutella Cream Puffs – Recipe

These Nutella cream puffs take traditional cream puffs to a whole new level! These chocolate French pastries start with a traditional pate a choux dough.

Weather in Italy (meteo) – Month by Month

The weather is a great parameter for visiting a country. Italy is a great destination because of its great climate. Let us read more about it, though!

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Top 10 Most Handsome Italian Men

Italian men were ranked the most Handsome and desirable in the World. Whatever you prefer, you will surely to find in our Top 10 Italian men.

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