It’s So Cold in Italy that many Fountains was Frozen

Italy’s current wintery severe weather is expected to last for at least another more week, weather experts and sientists warned yesterday.

Christmas in Florence, Italy, with the Light Festival

If you're planning your Christmas holidays in Tuscany, Italy, don't miss this beautiful event that will turn on the entire city of Florence (Firenze)...

Top 8 Magical Polar Express Christmas Trains

Celebrate Christmas by jumping aboard one of these special holiday train rides!

Top 8 Tips of the Italian Way Of Life

The Italians have certain things sussed when it comes to well-being. From coffee culture to shopping, we've picked up habits that have enhanced our lives!

Top 8 Charming Towns in ITALY you Need to Visit

When visiting Italy, most travelers make a beeline for famous cities like ... pretty sweep of red-tiled rooftops, bell towers, and ancient spires ...

300-Years-Old Caffe in Venice (Italy) is in Danger of Closing

The 300-year-old hot spot was a hangout for everyone from Claude Monet to Andy Warhol...

Babbo Finzi’s ‘Pizzagaina’ (Pizza Rustica)

Easter can't come soon enough 😊👍💕 😊

Airbus plans to launch a carbon-free Airplane by 2035

Airbus has unveiled three visual concepts for “zero-emission” airplanes to be powered by hydrogen.

Get Paid to Live like a Local this Summer (2019) in this beautiful village...

Airbnb is looking to send 4 people on a 3-month trip to south Italy, all expenses paid. Lucky travelers will be hosted by locals in the village of Grottole.

Andrea Bocelli sings: “E piu ti penso” (Duet with Ariana Grande)

A must listen to Song. Have you heard it?

Welcome to Italy

Italian Passport among Most valuable in the World

Passports of 13 countries are regarded as more “powerful” than the one offered by Italy! Italian passport ix the 14th most powerful in the World.

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