Earthquake (6.4 magnitude) strikes California, USA

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit a remote area of California between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the most powerful tremor to shake that region in two decades!

Volcano Explosion in Italy – One Toursist killed (03/7)

ONE person has been killed after a volcanoi erupted, throwing ash high into the sky, with tourists reportedly throwing themselves into the sea in panic!

Extreme Heatwave in Europe – Temperatures Up to 47°C

Temperatures have reached 43 degrees Celcius in parts of Europe over the last few days and France may reach its highest-ever recorded temperature on Friday

BREAKING NEWS: At least 2 people Dead as extreme Heatwave (43°C) strikes Italy

At least two people are reported dead from suspected heatstroke (43°C) as Italy put seven cities on red alert for extreme heat.

A Massive Heat-Wave (45°C) will Hit Europe This Week

Temperatures across France, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy could top well above 115 degree Fahrenheit (45°C) in the coming days.

Extreme Heatwave 44°C (112F) expected in Italy

It's about to get even hotter in Italy! 😮😮

Extreme Heatwave with 43°C to Sweep across Europe

Temperatures in Europe will soar over the weekend as the atmospheric instability gradually subsides, the METEO weather service announced on Friday.

Lombardy Region in Italy on Emergency due to violent Weather and flash Floods

Violent storms on the night of June 11 have caused 800 people to be evacuated from Dervio, in the province of Lecco in Lombardy, plus flooding in Lake Como.

Houses in Lake Como, Italy, evacuated amid Flash Floods

Houses were evacuated and roads closed around Lake Como on Wednesday after heavy rain caused floods and landslides.

Heatwave with 43°C expected to hit Italy

Temperatures are expected to reach 43C in south Italy this week!