Venice Is Flooding Because of Climate Change, but Corruption is Keeping it Under Water

After two days of heavy rain, Venice, can hopefully begin to recover...

Deadly Storms in Italy – Death toll rises to 29

Floods have killed 12 people on the southern island of Sicily, nine of them ... services said on Sunday, taking the week's toll across Italy past 29.

Rome (Italy) rocked by 3.9 magnitude Earthquake

The epicentre was near Rome at the province of Rieti...

Venice Flooding damages 1,000 year old Marble Mosaic floor at St Mark’s Basilica (Video+photos)

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice flooded with nearly three feet of water last week, damaging part of the 1,000 year old marble mosaic floor inside.

Italy Floods kill 31 people and Destroys 14 million Trees

Heavy rain and gales lashing parts of Italy have killed at least 31 people and razed thousands of hectares of forest, destroying 14 million trees.

30 Dead as Violent Storms Devastate Italy

Violent storms have killed at least 30 people in Italy, and more severe weather is expected to rip through the country this weekend.

❤️ Pray for Italy 🙏 Death toll from Storms rises to 32

The worst storm in decades has ravaged Italy causing widespread flooding and damage stretching from the north-east of the country all the way to Sicily.

Storms, floods in Sicily, Italy kill at least 10 people

10 people, including a family of nine, have died in floods around Palermo on the southern Italian island of Sicily, rescue services said on Sunday.

Severe Storm cause Major floodings in Palermo, Sicily

People in Sicily Island in Italy, were left stranded on the roofs of their homes after violent storms hit the the beautiful Italian island last night.

Venice Flooding is the Worst in a Decade (4th Nov 2018)

Days of strong rain and high winds have caused flooding and landslides, and the waters in Venice reached their highest level in a decade.

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