VIDEO: Freak hailstorm FLOODS Rome, Italy

SHOCKING footage shows the havoc wreaked by an extreme hailstorm striking Italy’s capital city, Rome, leaving residents trapped in their Cars.

LATEST NEWS for Boeing 737 Flight Crashed into Sea

Pilot on previous Lion Air flight alerted problem with plane hours before Crash..

Coastal apocalypses: Luxury Yachts & Boats destroyed after Storm hits Italy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

More than a hundred luxury Super Yachts and many simpler boats in an Italian port city were wrecked by a storm overnight leaving millions worth in damage.

Tourists evacuate Venice as Flooding Covered the City

Venice was underwater yesterday as violent storms swept across Italy.

❤️ Pray for Italy 🙏 10 people Dead as Floods hits Italy

Rome, Italy. October 30 - The death toll of the severe wave of extreme bad weather that is lashing all across Italy climbed to 10 on Tuesday.

Venice Flooded 85% by High tide – in PICTURES

The ‘acqua alta’ created havoc in Venice, as schools and hospitals were closed and citizens were advised against leaving their homes...

Pompeii Closed due to high Winds

Pompeii, Italy, October 29 - The ancient Pompeii was closed at 13:30 Monday due to high winds whipping across the ancient Roman city.

Rome City issues Safety Warning as Storm hits Italy, __ Trees falling in Rome...

Trees falling throughout Rome due to strong Winds..

More than 70% of Venice Flooded, VIDEO+PHOTOS

Venice city officials say 70 percent of the lagoon city has been flooded by waters rising 149 centimeters (more than 58 1/2 inches) above sea level.

4 people Dead after extreme Weather in Italy

A heavy storm has hit large parts of Italy and cost several lives...

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10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Visit Italy!

There are many many reasons why you should never visit Italy. Here are the top 10. If you have already visited Italy please do not do it again.

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