Extreme bad Weather to hit Italy this Weekend

Italy is set to shiver, with a wave of bad weather predicted to sweep across the country, bringing thunderstorms, heavy rain, snow and high winds.

Metro Escalator Collapes in Rome, Italy (20 people injured)

Accident occurred at Rome metro, as people were thrown atop one another.

Italy Ferry port Fire: A MASSIVE Fire in Savona, Italy

A MASSIVE fire entirely engulfed a newly-built government skyscraper in the Italian harbour city of Savona, where more than 40 people were working.

Woman was Rescued from her flooded Car as Heavy Storms Hits Abruzzo, Italy

Chieti, October 22 - A man dived into a rain-flooded underpass and saved a woman driver from drowning in Abruzzo on Monday.

Hailstorm in Rome and extreme Weather hits Italy

Swathes of southern and central Italy are on high alert on Monday after a wave of bad weather swept across the country, bringing hail and floods...

Violent hail-Storm causes Floods and Chaos in Rome

Flooded roads and metro stations lead to commuter chaos in Rome....

Severe Hailstorm hits Rome, Italy tonight, Oct 21! (Video), Many people were Stuck in...

Hail Storm and Rain hited Rome violently causing many inconveniences. Some people were stuck in the car due to road flooding.

People on Roofs after Storm Floods in Sicily, Italy

Siracusa, October 19 - A violent storm in the night between Thursday and Friday hit eastern Sicily, flooding the area around Siracusa, close to Catania.

Violent Storms cause Floods in Sicily, Italy

People in Sicily Island in Italy, were left stranded on the roofs of their homes after violent storms hit the eastern side of the Italian island.

The first Snow is Expected to fall in Italy

Temperatures everywhere are forecast to drop sharply over the weekend, according to Meteo.it, and could fall by as much as 12 degrees ...

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