The Truth About the Viral Video Of Plane Spinning in the Air Before Landing

The video being shared is reportedly a combination of two clips

Plane Engine catches Fire with 347 passengers on Board (Video+photos)

A Philippine Airlines flight suffered an apparent engine failure on Thursday (Nov 21) shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles and made an emergency landing.

BREAKING NEWS: Boeing 767 Crashes in Texas, USA

An Amazon freight 767 operated by Atlas Air has crashed 30 miles of Houston...

Horror VIDEO shows Airbus A320 Crashed today (22/5/2020)

Chilling footage shows the shocking devastation on the ground after a plane crashed into a residential area of Pakistan this morning.

Italy on high Terror Warning for Christmas period

Italy will be home to a number of festive markets including spectacles in Rome, Milan, Bolzano, and Florence.

Matera (Italy) calls for Support after devistating Floods

Not just Venice: Matera calls for support after damaging floods!

Boris Johnson is OUT of hospital after Coronavirus battle

Boris Johnson's pregnant fiancรฉe Carrie Symonds told of her agony as the Prime Minister battled coronavirus in intensive care.

Rome says NO to McDonald’s at Pantheon

American fast-food giant McDonald's has been refused 400-sqm outlet currently under construction near the Pantheon of Rome!

Florence on Alert as River Arno rises to highest levels in 20 years

Flooding situation critical across Tuscany.

Coronavirus Deaths in ITALY falls Today (25/3/2020)

A decline in the daily tally of fatalities following a spike the day before..

Welcome to Italy

Top 10 Most Beautiful Old Cities in Europe

Europe is the oldest continent with many medieval cities & villages, which the travelers should not miss. Let us check the best of them!

Best of Italy

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