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6 Million m3 of Lava ejected from Italy Supervolcano (Etna)

AS much of 6 million cubic metres of lava has spewed out of Mount Etna after its latest eruption, covering an area of just over one square kilometre...

9.8 Million Tourists will Celebrate New Year in Italy

An estimated 9.8 million tourists are expected to visit Italy over the next week to celebrate the New Year, up 8.5% over the same period last year.

NOW: Earthquake 3.5R rocked the City of Rome

According to Italy's National Institute of Geophysics, the quake measured 3.5R and the epicenter in the municipality of Gallicano in Lazio, 10 kilometers deep.

28 injured, 600 buildings Collapsed in the Earthquake from Etna Volcano eruption in Sicily,...

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8 hit the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily early last Wednesday, damaging buildings and injuring about 30 people.

Scientists Warns for a possible Tsunami in the Mediterranean

ITALY, Greece and Spain are countries in the Mediterranean most at risk of being hit by “dangerous” tsunamis with waves “higher than one metre”, a new study has revealed.

❤️ Pray for Italy 🙏 Sicily is Shaken by Earthquakes as Mount Etna Erupts...

5.1R magnitude quake hits active stratovolcano Mount Etna...

Strong Earthquake 5.1R hits Sicily (Italy), …many Buildings collapsed or damaged, 10 people injured

Sicily has been rocked by a very strong earthquake (4.8 magnitude) that injured dozens of people and wrecked buildings close to the active Volcano.

Sicily (Italy) rocked by 4.5R magnitude Earthquake

ITALY (Sicily) has been rocked by a strong earthquake (4.6 magnitude) that injured dozens of people and wrecked buildings close to the erupted Volcano.

Many Flights to Italy Canceled due to eruption of Etna Volcano

Mount Etna, Europe's highest and most active volcano, erupted, sending a huge column of ash into the sky and causing the closure of Catania airport in Sicily.